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Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods' is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing research and review papers associated with the quality and safety of food and food sources including cereals, grains, oilseeds, fruits, root crops and animal sources. It targets both primary materials and their conversion to human foods. 

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Current Issue

Vol. 13 No. 2 (2021): QASCF (in progress)

Published: 2021-04-01

Review Article

Influence of stress conditions on the quality of obtained sprouts – modification of their chemical composition

Magdalena Zielińska-Dawidziak
Abstract 281 | PDF Downloads 147 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 17

Page 1-12

Neurotoxicity mechanism of Ochratoxin A

Fahimeh Nourbakhsh, Elahe Tajbakhsh
Abstract 174 | PDF Downloads 54 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 9

Page 34-45

Prevalence, determination, and control of histamine formation in food concerning food safety aspect

Chuyen Hoang, Thi-Van Nguyen, Thanh Do Le
Abstract 75 | PDF Downloads 16 XML Downloads 2 HTML Downloads 4

Page 101-117

Research Article

Structural changes of cellulosic polysaccharides in sesame hull during roasting at various temperatures

Yong-Gang Yao, Wen-Yue Wang, Li-Yan Chen, Hua-Min Liu, Rui-Zhe Yan, Shan Li, Xue-De Wang
Abstract 216 | PDF Downloads 97 XML Downloads 2 HTML Downloads 9

Page 13-24

Antimicrobial activity of a crude peptide extract from lablab bean (Dolichos lablab) for semi-dried rice noodles shelf-life

Shitapan Bai-Ngew, Treethip Chuensun, Sutee Wangtueai, Suphat Phongthai, Kittisak Jantanasakulwong, Pornchai Rachtanapun, Vinyoo Sakdatorn, Warinporn Klunklin, Joe M. Regenstein, Yuthana Phimolsiripol
Abstract 227 | PDF Downloads 75 XML Downloads 22 HTML Downloads 7

Page 25-33

Red pasta: What is the technological impact of the enrichment of beet ingredient in fresh pasta?

Josemar Oliveira Filho, Ailton Lemes, Ricardo Cruz Filho, Rafaiane Guimarães, Kamylla Oliveira, Gabriela Santana, Eliane Danesi, Mariana Buranelo Egea
Abstract 160 | PDF Downloads 58 XML Downloads 1 HTML Downloads 7

Page 46-55

Facing tropane alkaloid contamination in millet

Jens Begemann, Saman Ostovar, Christine Schwake-Anduschus
Abstract 60 | PDF Downloads 19 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page 79-86

Original Article

Industrial and culinary practice effects on biologically active polyamines level in turkey meat

Moein Bashiry, Hedayat Hoseini, Abdoreza Mohammadi, Ehsan Sadeghi, Nader Karimian-Khosroshahi, Francisco J. Barba, Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
Abstract 81 | PDF Downloads 44 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 3

Page 67-78

The inhibitory effects of polyphenolic compounds on the damage caused by safflower fly (Acanthiophilus helianthi) in Carthamus spp.

Karami Soraya, Basaki Tayebeh, Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 12 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page 87-93

Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of ethanolic extract of safflower with contrasting seed coat colors

Basaki Tayebeh, Karami Soraya, Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
Abstract 45 | PDF Downloads 27 XML Downloads 0 HTML Downloads 1

Page 94-100

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