Effect of mango kernel seed starch-based active edible coating functionalized with lemongrass essential oil on the shelf-life of guava fruit

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Ajay Yadav
Nishant Kumar
Ashutosh Upadhyay
Anurag Singh
Rahul Kumar Anurag
R. Pandiselvam


mango kernel seed, edible coating, essential oil, guava, shelf life, physiological disorder


In the present investigation, the mango kernel seed starch-based edible coating was developed combined with different concentrations of lemongrass essential oil (EO). The effects of different edible coating formulations, such as T1 (2% mango kernel seed starch); T2 (2% mango kernel seed starch + 0.25% lemongrass essential oil); T3 (2% mango kernel seed starch + 0.5% lemongrass essential oil); and T4 (2% mango kernel seed starch + 1% lemongrass essential oil), were investigated for physiological, physiochemical, and microbiological properties of fresh guava fruit stored at 23 ± 2°C and a relative humidity of 85 ± 5% for up to 9 days. Results of the present study revealed that the mango kernel seed starch edible coating combined with lemongrass essential oil was effective in enhancing the storage life of guava fruit by maintaining their quality attributes. Treatment of mango kernel seed starch with 0.5% lemongrass essential oil (T3) was the most significant (P < 0.05) treatment to reduce physiological loss in weight and oxidation rate while maintaining the physiochemical characteristics, such as acidity, total soluble solids, textural property, phenolic contents, and sensory profiles of stored guava fruit samples, followed by T4 treatment. The microbial load of yeast and mold was also reduced by T3 and T4 treatments. All coating treatments were potent to enhance the storage life of guava fruit with improving post-harvest quality attributes for up to 9 days of storage. However, retention of higher quality of fruit was observed with T3 treatment.

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