Effect of extraction parameters on the isolation of fenugreek seed protein and characterization of fenugreek protein concentrate

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Neha Kumari
Pradyuman Kumar
Sajad Ahmad Wani


DSC, fenugreek, functional properties, pH, protein extraction, SEM


The present study was accomplished with the isolation of fenugreek seed protein. Effect of extraction parameters on the isolation of fenugreek seed protein from defatted fenugreek seed powder and characterization of the isolated protein was done. The pH (10, 11, 12, and 13), time (15 and 20 min), and rpm (7500 and 8000) were used to extract fenugreek protein from defatted fenugreek seed powder. The obtained protein was characterized for its functional, structural, morphological, and thermal properties. SEM, XRD, FTIR, and DSC revealed that the protein extracted at pH 12 had better functional, morphological, structural, and thermal properties. Color values indicated the dark color of fenugreek protein at alkaline pH. It was found that the protein extracted at pH 12, time 20 min, and rpm 8000 showed desirable functional, structural, morphological, and thermal properties as compared to others.

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