Characterization of jackfruit seed enriched pasta: product-functionality profile, secondary protein structures, bioactive composition and molecular morphology

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Harmeet Singh
Rajan Sharma
Antima Gupta
Swati Joshi
B.N. Dar
Baljit Singh
Savita Sharma


jackfruit seed flour, cooking quality, FTIR, SEM, principal component analysis


This study aims to investigate the potential of mixing jackfruit seed flour (JFSF) with pasta and its effects on techno-functional properties, cooking behavior, textural characteristics, morphology, macromolecular interactions, and secondary structure of proteins of pasta. The results showed with increase in the addition of JFSF from 6 to 24% caused significant (P < 0.05) improvement in the functional properties, decline in the minimum cooking time (7.07 to 6.20 min), and an increase in the cooking loss (5.13 to 11.26%) as well as firmness of the pasta. Organoleptic evaluations indicated the incorporation of JFSF up to 18% without affecting the flavor. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that after cooking bell-shaped starch granules were embedded in the protein matrix. Fourier transform infrared spectra analysis of the secondary structure of protein showed that the major protein fractions were β-sheets, followed by β helix. Positive correlations between cooking losses and water solubility index and several other parameters were established using principal component analysis. Therefore, incorporating JFSF into pasta could be a promising way for developing protein-rich, high-quality pasta with improved nutritional and functional properties.

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