Causes, negative effects, and preventive methods of water pollution in Ethiopia

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Alemu Talema


Ethiopia, prevention methods, water pollution, water quality


Water is a finite resource necessary for life and sustainable development. Ethiopia has considerable potential for freshwater resources in East Africa. All living beings depend on water for growth and upkeep, and it is essential for supporting environmental balance and biodiversity. Ethiopia does not able to offer clean water to half of its population, and it does not make good use of its water resources. Many Ethiopians who live in urban areas struggle to have access to a consistent and adequate quantity of drinking water. Only a small number of city dwellers have access to enough of clean water. Both human activity and natural events may contaminate water. In developing nations, a major concern for public health and water security is the degradation of quality of water brought on by human activities and weak enforcement. The effectiveness of policies and institutional frameworks to address pollution, as well as their effects on the ecological status and biota of rivers, are little understood in spite of growing pollution levels in many tropical African nations. This article focuses on giving an outline of the reasons for Ethiopia’s water pollution and ways to stop it.

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