Quality-grade analysis of velvet antler materials using ultra-weak delayed luminescence combined with chemometrics

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Jianxun Zhu
Shasha Fan
Min He
Nan Wang
Xiaoru Xu
Jingxiang Pang
Yu Yan
Li Li
Jiale Yang
Wen-Te Chang
Tung-Ti Chang
Ye Zhao
Jinxiang Han
Mengmeng Sun


quality grades, velvet antler, delayed luminescence, chemometrics, herbal quality control


The pharmacological properties of velvet antler, a well-known animal-derived traditional Chinese medicine material and functional food, are extensively acknowledged globally. However, there are significant restrictions on the quality standard and control system of velvet antler. The four quality grades of velvet antler slices taken from Cervus nippon Temminck and Cervus elaphus Linnaeus were evaluated in this study using delayed luminescence (DL) and chemical analysis of protein and amino acid content. Our results demonstrated a significant degree of consistency in the assessment impacts of the measurements for identifying velvet antler slices of different quality grades from Cervus nippon Temminck and Cervus elaphus Linnaeus. Additionally, it is possible to distinguish velvet antler slices of Rangifer tarandus from those of other deer species by exploiting DL parameters (i.e., I0, Beta, Tau, and T). Moreover, there is a strong correlation between the DL parameters and particular amino acids detected in velvet antler slices. As an innovative, quick, and systematic methodology, DL enables the examination of the overall property of various grades of velvet antler slices. The integrated assessment using DL and chemical components can give a novel method for determining the quality of animal-derived herbs and functional foods.

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