Study of the interfacial activity of wheat germ lipase

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Y. Mu
S. Wang
L. Wang
B. Xu


wheat germ, lipase, interfacial activity, interfacial tension, interfacial loss factor


Wheat germ lipase (LA), which is abundant in wheat germ, could result in the deterioration of wheat germ. To explore the method of stabilising wheat germ and understand the regulatory mechanism of the interfacial activity of wheat germ LA, the effects of the substrate and hydrolysis products of LA on its oil-water interfacial activity were studied via interfacial enzymatic analysis in the research. The results indicated that the interfacial tension and interfacial loss factor of wheat germ LA decreased as the concentration of wheat germ LA increased, and the interfacial tension was unstable when the concentration of wheat germ LA exceeded 1.70×10-6 mol/l. In addition, the results indicated that triglyceride (TAG) substrate and products like monoacylglycerol (MAG) and oleic acid of wheat germ LA played an important role in the inhibition of its interfacial activity, by occupying the interfacial layer of the oil-water interface, and the effects of TAG, MAG, and oleic acid on the interfacial activity of wheat germ LA followed the order: TAG>MAG>oleic acid. In addition, the TAG, MAG and oleic acid, which under the concentrations of 1.0×10-5, 1.0×10-5 and 5.0×10-6 mol/l respectively, had the most significant effect on the oil-water interface activity of LA. These findings regarding the interfacial activity of wheat germ LA provided a solid theoretical support for the exploitation of efficient methods for wheat germ stabilisation.

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