Food additives used in Brazilian meat products: compliance with current national legislation

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H.B.R. Nogueira
A.P. Arisseto-Bragotto


labelling, regulation, food safety, sodium nitrite


Based on information declared on the label, 192 meat products available on the local market were evaluated in relation to the presence of food additives. A total of 40 substances declared as food additives were found in the present study. Among the additives with a numerical acceptable daily intake (ADI), sodium nitrite, carmines, and pentasodium triphosphate were the most reported. Considering the substances with a not limited or not specified ADI, the most cited additives were sodium erythorbate, monosodium L-glutamate, and sodium lactate. The highest number of food additives per product was found in sausages, salami, Bologna and frankfurters. All food additives declared on the labels were permitted for use in the category of products in which they were found, with few exceptions. Some irregularities were also observed regarding the form of declaration of the additives in the labels. Ensuring that additives are used properly is important to improve the quality and safety of food and to minimise potential risks to human health.

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