Optimization method of microwave drying process parameters for rice

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Tongsheng Sun
Fangqing Ling


crack rate of rice; grey correlation degree; head rice rate; microwave drying; orthogonal experiment


In this work, the optimal process to improve the efficiency of microwave drying of rice is studied. The optimal conditions for reducing the crack rate and improving the head rice rate are analyzed according to the principle of the orthogonal experiment. The optimization method of the rice microwave drying process parameters is proposed to simultaneously consider the two indicators, namely, crack and head rice rates, based on the grey system theory. The grey correlation degree analysis is carried out on the process conditions of the microwave drying rice. The result shows that the main factor affecting the integrity rate of the rice grain is the vacuum degree, and the main factor affecting the crack rate is the loading density. The grey correlation degree curve of head rice and crack rate fluctuates greatly, and the correlation between the two indexes is high. According to the grey correlation degree, the optimal parameters are microwave power of 500 W, vacuum degree of 0.02 MPa, and loading density of 1289.89 kg/m3. The head rice and crack rate are both optimized when drying under the parameters. The results provide a guiding method for the study of the correlation degree between drying indexes and provide a method basis for the further selection of the best drying process.

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