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Physical and chemical properties of some pistachio varieties (Pistacia vera L.) and oils grown under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions in Turkey

O. Kola, İ. Hayoğlu, H. Türkoğlu, E. Parıldı, B. Erol Ak, M. Reis Akkaya
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Page 383-388

The stages of candied chestnut production and the influence of the sorbitol used on their properties

C. Candal, C. Mutlu, S. Arslan Tontul, M. Erbas
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Page 351-360

Evaluation of extra-virgin olive oil adulteration using FTIR spectroscopy combined with multivariate algorithms

Y. Xu, M.M. Hassan, F.Y.H. Kutsanedzie, H.H. Li, Q.S. Chen
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Page 411-421

Effect of heat moisture treatment and partial acid hydrolysis on the morphological, functional and pasting properties of sweet potato starch

G.J. Fadimu, M.K. Adenekan, O. Akinlua, F. Al Juhaimi, K. Ghafoor, E.E. Babiker
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Page 423-430

How the food industry experiences and perceives food fraud

I. Djekic, A. Režek Jambrak, J. Djugum, A. Rajkovic
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Page 325-333