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Effect of modified dietary fibre from wheat bran on the quality of noodle

C.C. Wang, S. Ma, L. Li, X.L. Zheng, X.X. Wang
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Page 61-68

Variability in determination of the single kernel moisture content of grain by means of TD-NMR spectroscopy

T.M. Schinabeck, F. Weigler, E. Flöter, J. Mellmann
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Page 75-82

Comparison of the antimicrobial activities of roselle calyx extracts and chemical sanitizers directly onto contaminated cucumbers

C.A. Gómez-Aldapa, M.R. Torres-Vitela, E. Rangel-Vargas, A. Villaruel-López, N.A. Santiesteban-López, A.M. Cruz-Gálvez, J. Castro-Rosas
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Page 83-91

Monitoring of heat-treated wheat milling fractions by near infrared spectroscopic method

E. Izsó, M. Bartalné-Berceli, A. Salgó, S. Gergely
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Page 93-101

Development of an expert vision-based system for inspecting rice quality indices

S.H. Payman, A. Bakhshipour, H. Zareiforoush
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Page 103-114