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Physicochemical and rheological properties of Indian wheat varieties of Triticum aestivum

S.Y. Baljeet, S. Yogesh, B.Y. Ritika
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Page 369-381

Impact of traditional and microwave roasting on chemical composition of hazelnut cultivar ‘Tonda di Giffoni’

N. Manzo, A.D. Troise, V. Fogliano, F. Pizzolongo, I. Montefusco, C. Cirillo, R. Romano
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Page 391-399

Water to rice ratio and cooked rice texture’s liking – internal preference mapping approach

M. Saleh, J.-F. Meullenet, T. Toker, M. Akash
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Page 413-423

Nutritional quality assessment of two potato intraspecific somatic hybrid lines

O. Nouri-Ellouz, M. Samet, H. Fetoui, S. Makni, K. Chaabouni, F. Makni-Ayadi, C. Kallel, T. Sellami-Boudawara, R. Gargouri-Bouzid
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Page 425-434

Sorption equilibrium moisture and isosteric heat of Chinese wheat flours

X. Han, X. Wang, X.-J. Li, P. Jiang
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Page 435-449

Influence of the cultivar and nitrogen fertilisation level on the mycotoxin contamination in winter wheat

G. Podolska, M. Bryła, A. Sułek, A. Waśkiewicz, K. Szymczyk, R. Jędrzejczak
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Page 451-461

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