Research Article

Identification of lard in vegetable oil binary mixtures and commercial food products by FTIR

H.A. Al-Kahtani, M.A. Ahmed, A.A. Abou-Arab, K. Hayat
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 59 | DOI

Page 11-22

Patulin risk associated with blue mould of pome fruit marketed in southern Italy

S.M. Sanzani, A. Susca, S. Mastrorosa, M. Solfrizzo
Abstract 58 | PDF Downloads 43 | DOI

Page 23-29

Functional properties of pulse flours and their opportunities in spreadable food products

L. Patrascu, I. Vasilean, I. Banu, I. Aprodu
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 89 | DOI

Page 67-78

Reducing grain storage losses in developing countries

F.E. Dowell, C.N. Dowell
Abstract 117 | PDF Downloads 91 | DOI

Page 93-100

Photolysis-ion chromatographic determination of N-nitrosodiethylamine

X.L. Li, X.L. He, Y.Z. Dong, L.R. Jia, Y.P. Lv
Abstract 40 | PDF Downloads 32 | DOI

Page 101-104

Confirmation of gluten-free status of wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum)

S.L. Adrianos, B. Mattioni, M. Tilley
Abstract 77 | PDF Downloads 83 | DOI

Page 123-128

Review Article

Short inventory of EU legislation on plant toxins in food

M. de Nijs, M.Y. Noordam, H.G.J. Mol
Abstract 100 | PDF Downloads 107 | DOI

Page 129-139