Research Article

Change in major fatty acid composition of vegetable oil depending on phenolic incorporation and storage period

O.S. Toker, I. Ozturk, S. Karaman, H. Yalcin, A. Kayacier, M. Dogan, O. Sagdic
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Page 179-188

Physicochemical properties of wheat grains affected by after-ripening

S. Ma, X.X. Wang, X.L. Zheng, J.Z. Tian, K. Bian, L. Li, R. Xu
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Page 189-194

Production of hazelnut skin fibres and utilisation in a model bakery product

S. Cikrikci, I. Demirkesen, B. Mert
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Page 195-206

Effect of wheat protein isolate addition on the quality of grape powder added wheat flour extrudates

Z. Tacer-Caba, D. Nilufer-Erdil, M.H. Boyacioglu, P.K.W. Ng
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Page 215-230

Development of multiplex-PCR systems for genes related to flour colour in Chinese autumn-sown wheat cultivars

Y. Zhang, X. Wang, X. Wang, L. Jiang, F. Liu, X. He, S. Liu, X. Zhang
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Page 231-241

Effect of sodium phosphate on the pasting, thermal, and rheological properties of potato and chickpea starches

M.S. Alamri, S. Hussain, A.A. Mohamed, A.A. Qasem, K. Mahmood
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Page 249-259

Effect of sowing methods and seed rates on wheat yield and water productivity

J.N. Chauhdary, U.D. Khan, S.H.H. Shah, M.A. Shahid, M. Arsalan
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Page 267-272

Rice grain discoloration effect on physical properties and head rice yield in three rice cultivars

M. Mobasher Amini, M.R. Alizadeh, F. Padasht, S.A. Elahinia, S.A. Khodaparast
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Page 283-288

Financial burden of allergen free food preparation in the catering business

A.R. Hoogeveen, H.J. van der Fels-Klerx, A. Bonanno, M.G.E.G. Bremer
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Page 301-308

Validation of a qualitative R5 dip-stick for gluten detection with a new mathematicalstatistical approach

K.A. Scherf, S. Uhlig, K. Simon, K. Frost, P. Koehler, T. Weiss, M. Lacorn
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Page 309-318