Research Article

Effect of potassium phosphate on the thermal, pasting, and flowing properties of chickpea and potato starches

M.S. Alamri, I.M. Al-Ruquie, S. Hussain, A. Mohamed, K. Mahmood
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Page 431-440

Nutritional quality and physico-chemical changes during breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) natural fermentation

O.O. Olaitan, O.A. Obadina, A.M. Omemu, O.O. Atanda, I.O. Olotu
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Page 441-447

Effect of urea and sodium chloride on the pasting properties and gelatinisation kinetics of corn starch

M.S. Alamri, S. Hussain, A. Mohamed, I.M. Al-Ruquie, A.A.A. Qasem
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Page 449-457

Gelatinisation kinetics of corn and chickpea starches using DSC, RVA and dynamic rheometry

M.S. Alamri, I.M. Al-Ruquie, S. Hussain, A.A. Mohamed, J. Xu
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Page 459-468

Persistence and dissipation of neonicotinoid insecticides on chilli fruits

T.S. Varghese, T.B. Mathew, T. George, S.N. Beevi, G. Xavier
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Page 487-491

Total mercury and arsenic concentrations in edible and non-edible tissues of Iranian tuna fish

S. Shabani, H. Ezzatpanah, M.M.A. Boojar, M. Seyedein Ardebili, M.H. Givianrad
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Page 509-515

Effect of heating process on oil yield and fatty acid composition of wheat germ

M.M. Özcan, F. Al-Juhaimi, K. Ghafoor, E.E. Babiker, N. Uslu
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Page 517-520

Comparison of phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activities of aqueous and alcoholic extracts of saffron

S. Rahaiee, M. Hashemi, S. Moini, S. Abbas Shojaosadati, S.H. Razavi
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Page 521-529

Effect of A- and B-type granules on the physical properties of starch from six wheat varieties

S. Ma, X.L. Zheng, X.X. Wang, J.Y. Shang, Q.D. Bao, L. Li
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Page 531-536

Determination of sponge cake volume with a mathematical method

H. Dizlek, A. Altan
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Page 551-557

Gum cordia: physico-functional properties and effect on dough rheology and pan bread quality

K. Mahmood, M.S. Alamri, A.A. Mohamed, S. Hussain, A.A. Abdu Qasem
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Page 569-579

Review Article

Food safety conundrum: a Pakistan’s scenario

S. Akhtar, M.A. Randhawa, M. Riaz, A. Hameed, T. Ismail, A. Ismail, Z. Ali
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Page 559-567