Research Article

Barley flour addition decreases the oil uptake of wheat chips during frying

F. Yuksel, S. Karaman, A. Kayacier
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Page 621-628

Assessment of the physicochemical quality of Iranian honey

M. Parviz, F. Karimi, M. Rezaei, M.R. Javanmard, M. Javadzadeh, G. Allahdadi
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Page 629-634

Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in some commercial brands of candies and chocolates in Nigeria

C.M.A. Iwegbue, G. Obi, G.O. Tesi, F.I. Bassey, L.C. Overah, B.S. Martincigh
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Page 661-676

Study of stability characteristics of sesame milk: effect of pasteurization temperature, additives, and homogenisation pressure

Z. Ahmadian-Kouchaksaraei, M. Varidi, M. Javad Varidi, H. Pourazarang
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Page 677-686

Physicochemical properties of serish root (Eremurus spectabilis) fructan as affected by drying methods

A. Pourfarzad, M.B. Habibi Najafi, M.H. Haddad Khodaparast, M. Hassanzadeh Khayyat
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Page 687-696

Characterisation of einkorn (Triticum monococcum L. subsp. monococcum) wheat oil

M.K. Demir, A. Ünver, D. Arslan, G. Üçok, F. Terlemez, S. Türker
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Page 707-712

Production of high quality expanded corn extrudates containing sesame seed using response surface methodology

N. Nikmaram, F. Garavand, A. Elhamirad, S. Beiraghi-toosi, G. Goli-movahhed
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Page 713-720

Implications of distribution of cadmium between the nibs and testae of cocoa beans on its marketability and food safety assessment

G. Ramtahal, I. Chang Yen, I. Bekele, L. Wilson, K. Maharaj, B. Sukha
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Page 731-736

Impact of cassava flour properties on the sensory quality of composite white bread

T.A. Shittu, F.B. Fadeyi, M.A. Ladipo
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Page 769-777

Practitioners’ perceptions of the credibility of food quality assurance schemes: exploring the effect of country of origin

R. Wongprawmas, C.A. Padilla Bravo, A. Lazo, M. Canavari, A. Spiller
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Page 789-799

Changes in chemical composition of some oils extracted from seeds roasted at different temperatures

E. Şimşek, M.M. Özcan, D. Arslan, A. Ünver, G. Kanbur
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Page 801-808

Efficacy of disinfectants against Cronobacter biofilm on plastic surfaces

E. Torlak, M. Gökmen, S. Aydemir
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Page 819-823