Research Article

Kinetics of allicin potential loss in garlic slices during convective drying

M. Doganturk, E. Demiray, O. Gursoy, Y. Yilmaz
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 163 | DOI

Page 211-220

Impact of octenyl succinic anhydride on rheological properties of sorghum starch

A.K. Siroha, K.S. Sandhu, S. Punia
Abstract 215 | PDF Downloads 234 | DOI

Page 221-229

Enrichment of wheat bread with apple pomace as a way to increase pro-health constituents

D. Gumul, J. Korus, R. Ziobro, M. Kruczek
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 245 | DOI

Page 231-240

Rapid authentication measurement of cinnamon powder using FT-NIR and FT-IR spectroscopic techniques

J. Yasmin, M.R. Ahmed, S. Lohumi, C. Wakholi, H. Lee, C. Mo, B.-K. Cho
Abstract 592 | PDF Downloads 394 | DOI

Page 257-267

Pulse germination as tool for modulating their functionality in wheat flour sourdoughs

L. Patrascu, I. Vasilean, M. Turtoi, M. Garnai, I. Aprodu
Abstract 176 | PDF Downloads 153 | DOI

Page 269-282

Utilisation of GlutoPeak tester on whole-wheat flour for gluten quality assessment

Y. Karaduman, O. Önder, A. Sayaslan, N. Aydın
Abstract 425 | PDF Downloads 288 | DOI

Page 295-304

Book Review

Chemical hazards in foods of animal origin

D. Antic
Abstract 199 | PDF Downloads 124 | DOI

Page 313-314