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Evaluation of Raman microscopy for the detection of additional monosodium glutamate in dry soup mix

N. Çebi, T. Öztürk, C.E. Doğan, O. Sağdıç
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Radiological assessment of internal exposure resulting from ingestion of natural radionuclides in Arachis hypogaea L. grown in Turkey

M. Karataşlı, Ş. Turhan, A.H.A. Abugoufa, E. Gören, A. Kurnaz, A. Hançerlioğulları
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Effect of cassava variety, fertiliser type and dosage on the physicochemical, functional and pasting properties of high-quality cassava flour (HQCF)

S.A. Rasaq, T.A. Shittu, G.J. Fadimu, A.B. Abass, O. Omoniyi
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The establishment of a practical method for the determination of piperazine residues using accelerated solvent extraction and UHPLC-FLD

Y.W. Guo, X. Xie, B. Wang, Y.Y. Zhang, K.Z. Xie, X.N. Bu, C.J. Liu, T. Zhang, G.X. Zhang, X.Z. Liu, G.J. Dai
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Rapid detection of mycotoxins on foods and beverages with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

A. Batrinou, D. Houhoula, E. Papageorgiou
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Fungal microflora in dried persimmon fruits

G.T. Gündüz, A. Korkmaz, Z. Öztürk, I. Emenli
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Mathematical modelling of lemon verbena leaves drying in a continuous flow dryer equipped with a solar pre-heating system

S. Soodmand-Moghaddam, M. Sharifi, H. Zareiforoush, H. Mobli
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Effect of whole grain flours on the overall quality characteristics of mulberry pestil

M. Murat Karaoğlu, Y. Bedir, H. Boz
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Determination of heavy metals in tomatoes cultivated under green houses and human health risk assessment

A. Bounar, K. Boukaka, E. Leghouchi
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