Original Article

Modeling the growth rate of Listeria innocua influenced by coriander seed essential oil and storage temperature in meat using FTIR

Omidi-Mirzaei Marzieh, Hojjati Mohammad, Behbahani Behrooz Alizadeh, Noshad Mohammad
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Emerging techniques in food science: the resistance of chlorpyrifos pesticide pollution against arc and dielectric barrier discharge plasma

Mohsen Gavahian, Tsai Meng-Jen, Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
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Effect of micronutrients foliar supplementation on the production and eminence of plum (Prunus domestica L.)

Rafiullah, M. Tariq, F. Khan, A.H. Shah, S. Fahad, F. Wahid, J. Ali, M. Adnan, M. Ahmad, M. Irfan, M. Zafar-ul-Hye, M.L. Battaglia, Tayebeh Zarei, R. Datta, I.A. Saleem, Hafeez-u-Rehman, S. Danish
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Review Article

Ultra-weak photon emission: a nondestructive detection tool for food quality and safety assessment

Mohammad Amin Nematollahi, Zahra Alinasab, Seyed Mehdi Nassiri, Amin Mousavi Khaneghah
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Enzyme-based approaches to control microbial biofilms in dairy processing environments: A review

S. F. Gonçalves, S. H. I. Lee, A. Mousavi Khaneghah, C. A. F. Oliveira
Abstract 868 | PDF Downloads 464 HTML Downloads 134 XML Downloads 22 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15586/qas.v12SP1.828

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Inhibition of Clostridium botulinum and its toxins by probiotic bacteria and their metabolites: An update review

Adel Mirza Alizadeh, Fataneh Hashempour-Baltork, Mahmood Alizadeh-Sani, Mohammad Maleki, Maryam Azizi-Lalabadi, Kianoush Khosravi-Darani
Abstract 2191 | PDF Downloads 1031 HTML Downloads 202 XML Downloads 23 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15586/qas.v12iSP1.823

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Research Article

Physical stability of microliposomes in bene (Pistacia atlantica) oil with different formulations

Mahsa Nikkhah, Zhaleh Khoshkhoo, Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini, Peyman Mahasti Shotorbani, Afshin Akhondzadeh Basti
Abstract 495 | PDF Downloads 275 HTML Downloads 312 XML Downloads 10 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15586/qas.v12iSP1.827

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