Research Article

Study of the interfacial activity of wheat germ lipase

Y. Mu, S. Wang, L. Wang, B. Xu
Abstract 244 | PDF Downloads 120

Page 491-498

Effect of heat treatment on solubility, surface hydrophobicity and structure of rice bran albumin and globulin

H. Tang, T. Fu, Y. Feng, S. Zhang, C. Wang, D. Zhang
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 168

Page 499-509

Development of a method Sin-QuEChERS for the determination of multiple pesticide residues in oilseed samples

J. Hua, A. Fayyaz, H. Song, M.R. Tufail, Y. Gai
Abstract 255 | PDF Downloads 228

Page 511-516

Analysis of risk and consumers’ awareness regarding the gluten content in meat products on the example of frankfurter type sausages

A. Jędrusek-Golińska, M. Zielińska-Dawidziak, P. Zielińska, R. Kowalski, D. Piasecka-Kwiatkowska
Abstract 168 | PDF Downloads 117

Page 529-537

Residue levels of pesticides in nuts and risk assessment for consumers

S. Aydin, M. Ulvi
Abstract 486 | PDF Downloads 258

Page 539-548

Agronomic performance, chemical composition and Fusarium verticillioides resistance of Italian white maize varieties

C. Lanzanova, A. Arrigoni, P. Valoti, M. Alfieri, S. Locatelli
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 124

Page 549-559

Effect of thermal treatment on microbiological, physicochemical and structural properties of high pressure homogenised hazelnut beverage

I. Atalar, O. Gul, M. Mortas, L.B. Gul, F.T. Saricaoglu, F. Yazici
Abstract 275 | PDF Downloads 188

Page 561-570

Identification of moulds from Croatian honey

M. Kiš, S. Furmeg, V.J. Tkalec, M. Zadravec, M. Benić, J. Sokolović, D. Majnarić
Abstract 218 | PDF Downloads 173

Page 571-576

Residue distribution, safety evaluation, processing factor and dissipation kinetics of bifenthrin and ethion in date fruits

O.I. Abdallah, S.S. Alamer, A.M. Alrasheed, A.A. Almundarij
Abstract 297 | PDF Downloads 164

Page 577-588