Research Article

Comparison of the health risks associated with exposure to toxic metals and metalloids following consumption of freshwater catches in China

Cuirong Luo, Junxiao Sun, Yunfei Tan, Lijing Xiong, Bo Peng, Guohui Peng, Xufeng Bai
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Screening of Lactobacillus from breast milk and infant feces and evaluation of their bile salt tolerance

Yujun Huang, Junjuan Yu, Haodong Yan, Chenchen Zhang, Wenli Kang, Lina Pan, Jiaqi Wang, Zhiyong Dai, Ruixia Gu
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Page 115-124

Verification of the Accuscan gold reader and RIDA smart phone application rapid test kits in detection and quantification of aflatoxin levels in maize from selected regions in Kenya

Beatrice Nafula Tenge, William Maina Muiru, John Wangai Kimenju, Christine Schwake-Anduschus, Samuel Linguya Kimaru, Charles Nkonge
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Quality and nutritional characteristics of durum wheats grown in Anatolia

Ferda Unsal Canay, Turgay Sanal, Hamit Koksel
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Study on identification of red jujube origin by multi-element analysis

Yumiao Lang, Yao Cheng, Hongru Yang, Qingzhi Chen, Qian Liu, Xiaoteng Wang, Pengsha Bian, Xiaoxi Yang
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Fungal bioconversion of brewery by-products: assessment of fatty acids and sterols profiles

Fatma Boukid, Joan Pera, Javier Parladé, Massimo Castellari
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Page 202-211

Complete mitochondrial genome of Pleurocordyceps sinensis (Hypocreales, Ascomycota), a species with uncertain family-level taxonomic assignment

Yi Li, Jie Lin, Yong-Hui Wang, Ke Wang, Ren-Lei Wang, Xin-Chang Zhao, Yi-Jian Yao
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Original Article

Brusatol inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells and reduces HIF-1α/VEGF expression and glycolysis under hypoxia

Mi Wang, Liyang Dai, Wei Yan, Ying Chen, Yakun Wang
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Page 13-22

Crocin ameliorates peritoneal fibrosis in rat induced by peritoneal dialysis via Wnt5a/β-Catenin pathway

Jingyuan Lu, Danye Shi, Xinhui Zhao, Minhui Xi, Hualin Qi, Qiang He
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Page 36-44

Response of growth, photosynthesis, dry matter partition and roots to combined nitrogen–potassium stress in cucumber

Hanping Mao, Yong Liu, Yafei Wang, Guoxin Ma, Bin Wang, Xiaoxue Du, Qiang Shi, Jiheng Ni
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Page 45-53

Eucommia ulmoides extract alleviated spinal cord injury in rats by inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress and oxidative stress

Hongjuan Cheng, Haoyu Dong, Jie Wei, Guopeng You
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Page 84-90

Arctiin attenuates lipid accumulation, inflammation and oxidative stress in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease through inhibiting MAPK pathway

Lin Li, Ying Zhang, Fangxi Xiao, Zhigang Wang, Ju Liu
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Page 105-114

Variation of chlorophyll and carotenoids in different varieties and organs of Chinese kale

Chenlu Zhang, Sha Liang, Yilin Wang, Sha Luo, Weijia Yao, Hao He, Yuxiao Tian, Huanxiu Li, Fen Zhang, Bo Sun
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Page 136-145

Enrichment of dark chocolate with free and microencapsulated white tea and jujube extracts: Impacts on antioxidant, physicochemical, and textural properties

Somayeh Shahbazi, Zohreh Didar, Mohsen Vazifedoost, Sara Naji-Tabasi
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Page 188-201

Review Article

Extraction, purification, food applications, and recent advances for enhancing the bioavailability of 6-gingerol from ginger – A review

Ginithillawala Arachchilage Dilukshi Vichakshana, David James Young, Wee Sim Choo
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Page 67-83

A review of the top 100 most cited papers on food safety

Helen Onyeaka, Christian K. Anumudu, Chioke A. Okolo, Amara Anyogu, Olumide Odeyemi, Anthony P. Bassey
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Page 91-104

Mentha: A review on its bioactive compounds and potential health benefits

Sajad Ahmad Wani, H.R. Naik, Javeed Ahmad Wagay, Nawaz Ahmad Ganie, Mehrajfatema Zafar Mulla, B.N. Dar
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Page 154-168