Research Article

Hepatic antioxidant and gut ecological modulation properties of long-term intake of tea (Camellia sinensis L.) flower extract in vivo

Dan Chen, Jialiang Lv, Taoan Han, Juan Kan, Chang-Hai Jin, Jun Liu
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Page 11-21

Accumulation characteristics and evaluation of heavy metals in soils and vegetables of plastic-covered sheds in typical red soil areas of China

Genxin Nie, Tianhua Tu, Lifang Hu, Ling Wu, Yaomin Zhou
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Inspection and classification of wheat quality using image processing

Junsong Zhu, Jianrong Cai, Baosheng Sun, Yongjian Xu, Feng Lu, Haile Ma
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Aflatoxin B1 elimination in low-grade maize by co-influence of heat and chemical treatment

Rattanaporn Thakaew, Suparin Chaiklangmuang
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Effects of nitrogen and selenium treatments on the texture parameters of ‘Qingcui’ plum fruit

Xieping Sun, Min Ling, Junyan Wang, Guoqiang Han, Xiaoli Ma, Linling Kou
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Tectorigenin suppresses the viability of gastric cancer cells in vivo and in vitro

Wenchong Song, Weiwei Lv, Ning Bi, Guanglin Wang
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Original Article

Cortex Mori extract inhibits migration and invasion of lung adenocarcinoma cells by blocking RECQL4-induced NF-κB and ERK signaling pathways

Qin Li, Enyao Wei, Wenbin Zhang, Feng Zhang
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Page 1-10

Combining network pharmacology and bioinformatics to identify bioactive compounds and potential mechanisms of action of Sedum aizoon L in the treatment of atherosclerosis

Bo Jie Zhu, Guan Ye Nai, Tian Xiao Pan, Zhuo Fei Ma, Wei Jie Zhou
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Page 104-116

Review Article

Effects of vitamins A, C, and D and zinc on urinary tract infections: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Peng Gao, Weijing Liang, Qian Zhao, Haimei Li, Lijia Guan, Dan Li
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Page 88-95

Short Communication

Individual and combined decontamination effect of fermentation and ultrasound on aflatoxin B1 in wheat-based doughs: a preliminary study

Amanda Bezerra Gonçalves Basso, Sher Ali, Carlos Humberto Corassin, Roice Eliana Rosim, Carlos Augusto Fernandes de Oliveria
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Page 96-103