Research Article

Quality assessment of black ginseng materials utilizing chemometrics and modeling inflammation in Zebrafish

Lulu Wang, Meijie Yu, Yao Fu, Li Li, Xianghe Meng, Jian Yang, Min He, Mengmeng Sun
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Page 23-37

Optimizing yeast strain selection for mulberry wine fermentation: a performance-based approach

Bangzhou Luo, Yuxin Yang, Qiao Lin
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Occurrence, dietary exposure and risk assessment to aflatoxins in red pepper flakes from Southeast of Türkiye

Hayrunnisa Özlü
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Big data-driven risk decision-making and safety management in agricultural supply chains

Guanghe Han, Xin Pan, Xin Zhang
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Original Article

Development of innovative tigernut-based nutritional snack by extrusion process: effects of die temperature, screw speed, and formulation on physicochemical characteristics

Sagar Pandappa Kalahal, Mohsen Gavahian, Jenshinn Lin
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Antioxidant activity, anthocyanin profile, and mineral compositions of colored wheats

Vladamir P. Shamanin, Zeynep Hazal Tekin-Cakmak, Salih Karasu, Inna V. Pototskaya, Elena I. Gordeeva, Artem O. Verner, Alexey I. Morgounov, Mustafa Yaman, Osman Sagdic, Hamit Koksel
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Dissipation kinetics, residue level, and risk assessment of chlorantraniliprole in Rosa roxburghii and its residue removal using household decontamination technique

Xuefei Zhang, Zhaochun Jiang, Lei Han, Xiaomao Wu
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Review Article

Zebrafish as a promising model for investigating biological activities of ginseng species—a review

Meijie Yu, Lulu Wang, Haiqing Luo, Bo Yang, Li Li, Jiaxin Dong, Xianghe Meng, Mengmeng Sun, Min He
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Page 38-59

Deep learning hyperspectral imaging: a rapid and reliable alternative to conventional techniques in the testing of food quality and safety

Naillah Gul, Khalid Muzaffar, Syed Zubair Ahmad Shah, Assif Assad, Hilal A Makroo, B.N. Dar
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