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Technological quality, bioactive features, and glycemic index of gluten-free cakes formulated with lyophilized wild Prunus spinosa fruit

Elif Cakir, Görkem Ozülkü, Hatice Bekiroglu, Muhammet Arici, Osman Sagdic
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Mathematical description of protein extraction from muscle tissue of hydrobionts and determination of the effective molecular diffusion coefficient

Elena E. Kuprina, Elena A. Rogozina, Valeria Valerevna Abramzon, Pavel Igorevich Demidov, E.I. Kiprushkina, Irina Anatolievna Shestopalova, Julia Vladimirovna Broyko, Mark Markovich Shamtsyan, B.A. Kolesnikov
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Research Article

Safety evaluation of genetically modified crops

Jiusi Wen, Jingya Wang, Linlin Sun
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Exercise influences fatty acids in the longissimus dorsi muscle of Sunit lambs and improves dressing percentage by affecting digestion, absorption, and lipid metabolism

Ting Liu, Taiwu Zhang, Yanni Zhang, Min Zhang, Maoqin Zhai, Weihao Wang, Chenlei Wang, Yan Duan, Ye Jin
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Mechanistic insight into ochratoxin A adsorption onto the cell wall of Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus Bm01 and its impact on grape juice quality

Jiang Li, Lu Gao, Zhirong Wang, Peiwen Huang, Tianzhu Guan, Xiangfeng Zheng
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Sustainable rural economy and food security: An integrated approach to the circular agricultural model

Linli Bian, Zehui Liu
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Effect of pullulan active packaging, incorporated with silver nanoparticles, on cholesterol oxidation product concentrations in boiler meat during storage

Muhammad Jamshed Khan, Saminathan Mookiah, Yashini Subramaniam, Suriya Kumari Ramiah
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