Research Article

Effect of different raw materials on aroma fingerprints of ‘boza’ using an e-nose and sensory analysis

K. Kemahlıoğlu, P. Kendirci, P. Kadiroğlu, U. Yücel, F. Korel
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Page 421-429

Influence of process parameters on bulgur quality

D. Sfayhi Terras, K. Djebbali, E. Jedidi
Abstract 161 | PDF Downloads 155 | DOI

Page 431-439*

Effects of wheat kernel size on hardness and various quality characteristics

O. Acar, T. Sanal, H. Köksel
Abstract 127 | PDF Downloads 136 | DOI

Page 459-464

Optimisation of green tea polysaccharides by ultrasound-assisted extraction and their in vitro antidiabetic activities

A. Karadag, E. Pelvan, K. Dogan, N. Celik, D. Ozturk, K. Akalın, C. Alasalvar
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 169 | DOI

Page 479-490

Assessment of the chemical adulteration and hygienic quality of raw cow milk in the northwest of Iran

M.H. Moosavy, H. Kholafazad Kordasht, S.A. Khatibi, H. Sohrabi
Abstract 329 | PDF Downloads 367 | DOI

Page 491-498

Review Article

Authentication approach using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of porcine substances

R.M.H. Raja Nhari, I. Hanish, N.F Khairil Mokhtar, M. Hamid, A.F. El Sheikha
Abstract 208 | PDF Downloads 214 | DOI

Page 449-457