Review Article

Human health risk assessment of aluminium via consumption of contaminated vegetables

B. Ghasemidehkordi, H. Nazem, A.A. Malekirad, M. Fazilati, H. Salavati, M. Rezaei
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Page 115-123

Research Article

Mycotoxigenic potential of phytopathogenic moulds isolated from citrus fruits from different states of Mexico

T. Sandoval-Contreras, A. Villarruel-López, R. Torres-Vitela, C. Garciglia-Mercado, G. Gómez-Anduro, A.E. Velázquez-Lizárraga, A. Sierra-Beltran, F. Ascencio
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Synchronised determination of chlorogenic acid and five flavonoids in mulberry leaves using HPLC with photodiode array detection

K.-F. Zhai, H. Duan, S.-X. Shi, L.-L. Liu, W.-G. Cao, G.-Z. Gao, L.-L. Shan
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Off-line detection of milling processes of Pannon wheat classes by near infrared spectroscopic methods

E. Izsó, M. Bartalné-Berceli, A. Salgó, S. Gergely
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