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Stanley P. Cauvain



As we start a New Year I have begun to wonder what food safety and quality issues we will face. This past year has certainly delivered a number of food safety challenges which in many cases have been associated with the primary raw materials used in the supply and manufacture of foods. It is important to remember that not all of the foods that we consume will undergo some form of thermal processing so extra care is required in the cultivation and handling of these raw crops. Once contamination has occurred, strategies for reducing subsequent food safety risks are difficult to implement, assuming that food-handling systems have been able to identify the risks in the first place. Often, the only strategy available to the food processor is to destroy the contaminated foodstuff. The negative impact of a food safety problem on the food processor’s business may not solely be restricted to financial loss, but may extend to a loss of confidence with customers, retailers and ultimately consumers. The consequences of a food safety issue may last for many years beyond the actual event itself.

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