Predicting dehulling efficiency of lentils based on seed size and shape characteristics measured with image analysis*

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Muhammad A. Shahin
Stephen J. Symons
Ning Wang


dehulling; image, lentil, plumpness, seed shape, seed size


Introduction Seed size and shape are important factors influencing trade in pulse grains. Lentil plumpness (determined by shape and size characteristics such as seed diameter, thickness, edge curvature, etc) is an important seed characteristic commonly believed to affect dehulling quality of lentils. Physical measurements of lentil shape and size characteristics are monotonous and time consuming. Objectives The focus of this research was to develop an imaging method to measure seed size and shape characteristics for predicting dehulling efficiency of red lentils. Methods A side-mounted camera system was used to image individual lentil seeds to determine seed size and shape characteristics. Results Regression models based on image analysis measurements of seed diameter, thickness, plumpness and degree of edge roundness predicted lentil dehulling efficiency highly accurately with an R2 approaching 0.90 and root-mean-squared-error <2%. Conclusion Image analysis can be used to measure lentil seed size and shape characteristics, which in turn can predict dehulling efficiency of red lentils.

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