Variations in grain mineral concentrations of Turkish wheat landraces germplasm

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M. Akcura
K. Kokten


Turkey, wheat landraces, mineral contents, biplot, correlations, breeding


The study aimed to examine and interpret variability of some mineral contents in wheat genotypes throughout growing seasons. A collection of 86 landraces originated from different provinces in Turkey and 14 registered cultivars were studied during two successive years for variability of some mineral contents (Fe, Zn, B, K, Mn, Mo, Cu, Mg and Ca) in grain. Both correlation coefficients and genotype trait (GT)-biplot analysis were used to examine and interpret variability of mineral contents in wheat genotypes throughout growing seasons. According to the correlation analysis, there were positive relationships among Fe and Zn, Mn, Mg and Cu contents. Furthermore, the relationship between the concentrations of the elements indicated that the correlation coefficients were consistent with the results of the GT-biplot analyses. The highest variations were obtained from Fe and Zn concentrations along with the longest vectors from GT-biplot origin. Fe, Zn and Mn contents were the ideal traits, according to mineral contents scaling GT-biplot. These traits were recorded as the best representative of the overall mineral contents along the most powerful to discriminate genotypes. Pure line 22 was superior with respect to Fe, Zn and B composition, while pure line 47 was superior regarding Ca contents. Comparison between pure lines and modern cultivars led to the conclusion that Fe, Zn and Mn content of many pure lines were usually higher than those of modern cultivars. Moreover, mean grain concentrations of Fe, Zn and Mn in pure lines from landraces were significantly higher than all cultivars, 9.25, 14.82 and 6.75%, respectively. Therefore, some pure lines could be recommended to use as genetic material to enhance the genetic basis of bread wheat breeding programmes all over the world

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