Utilisation of GlutoPeak tester on whole-wheat flour for gluten quality assessment

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Y. Karaduman
O. Önder
A. Sayaslan
N. Aydın


GlutoPeak, gluten, quality, whole-wheat flour, breeding


Rapid and accurate determination of gluten quality is crucial in the early generation of wheat breeding programs to develop cultivars with proper bread-making quality. Conventional gluten quality tests, involving wet-chemistry or those based on instruments and methods such as farinograph, mixograph, mixolab, alveograph, extensograph and glutomatic, usually require refined white flour, large sample size, certain chemicals and extended time of analysis. Therefore, reliable and faster methods that perform directly on whole-wheat flour are required to evaluate gluten quality of substantial number of materials in wheat breeding programs. In this study, the data derived from GlutoPeak tester on whole-wheat flours and conventional tests conducted on refined white flours were compared. Conventional tests included farinograph, lactic acid solvent retention capacity, Zeleny-sedimentation and swelling index of glutenin. GlutoPeak data collected from whole-wheat flours highly and significantly correlated with the data obtained from GlutoPeak tester and conventional gluten quality tests conducted on refined white flours. Of the GlutoPeak data, especially MT and torque 15 sec after maximum torque were found to be quite useful in the assessment of gluten quality on whole-wheat flour for wheat breeding programs as a fast, reliable and repeatable approach

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