Enrichment of wheat bread with apple pomace as a way to increase pro-health constituents

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D. Gumul
J. Korus
R. Ziobro
M. Kruczek


apple pomace, pro-health components, quality, wheat bread


Apple pomace is a good source of bioactive components. Therefore, the use of dried apple pomace for the biofortification of wheat bread is highly justified. The aim of this work is to analyse the effect of different levels of the additive (5, 10, 15%) of whole and ground pomace on the chemical composition and the content of pro-health ingredients and also on physical characteristics and sensory evaluation of wheat bread. Among all analysed samples, the wheat bread with 5% whole pomace received the best scores (good volume, small baking loss, low crumb hardness in comparison to control on the day of baking and during storage). Although 5% addition of pomace did not guarantee such an increase of bioactive compounds as other applied levels, it caused an increase in total polyphenol content, flavonoids and anthocyanins by 55, 200 and 160% as compared to control, respectively. The addition of 5% whole apple pomace to wheat bread could be advised on industrial scale because of high consumer acceptance of such products

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