Chemical hazards in foods of animal origin Edited by: Frans J.M. Smulders, Ivonne M.C.M. Rietjens and Martin Rose

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The book ‘Chemical hazards in foods of animal origin’ is the seventh in the series ‘Food Safety Assurance and Veterinary Public Health’. It represents a continuation of the scientific efforts to cover the most important food safety topics, from various areas of the integrated food chain, in a highly comprehensive manner, providing an invaluable source of information for readers. The wide variety of scientific expertise from the authors, contributors to this book, representing different disciplines, demonstrates an exemplary manner of the integrated and multidisciplinary nature of tackling the most important food safety and environmental issues pertaining to chemical hazards. The contributors to this book include experts from veterinary and human medicine, chemistry, food toxicology and microbiology, food risk assessment and management. In an ever-changing world, the collaboration between different disciplines is of utmost importance to tackle chemical hazards emerging from industrialisation and climate change and safeguard the safety of food for the consumer.

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