Utilisation of dairy by-products and ?-glucan in eri?te production

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K. Aktaş
S. Türker


dairy by-products, erişte, β-glucan, mineral, nutrition, protein


Three different dairy by-products (whey protein concentrate powder, WPC; whey powder, WP; and buttermilk powder, BP) and ?-glucan (?G) concentrate were used in eri?te formulation to improve nutritional properties of eri?te. WPC, WP and BP were used at 0, 5, 7.5 and 10% levels and ?G was used at 0, 3, 5 and 7% levels in eri?te formulation according to (3×4×4)×2 factorial design. Some physical (colour and breaking strength), chemical (moisture, ash, protein, fat, cellulose, phytic acid and mineral contents), cooking and sensory properties of samples were investigated. Combination of ?G with dairy by-products had a decreasing effect on breaking strength of eri?te samples. ?G gave darker samples in eri?te colour. WPC, BP and ?G addition significantly increased the protein, fat and cellulose contents of the samples, respectively. Both dairy by-products and ?G increased mineral (calcium, magnesium and phosphorus) contents of the samples. The 10% dairy by-products supplementation instead of wheat flour increased cooking loss values of eri?te samples from 4.41% to 7.16%. As a result of sensory evaluation, eri?te samples containing BP gave the highest scores.

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