Physical and mechanical properties of castor seed

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Ali Nejat Lorestani
Farzad Jaliliantabar
Rashid Gholami


Castor seed, energy, mechanical properties, physical properties, Ricinus communis


Introduction and methods In this paper, the physical properties such as length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter, arithmetic mean diameter, mass,  volume, bulk density, sphericity, projected area, and mechanical characteristics, namely Young modulus, maximum force and required energy for initial fracture at yield point for Castor seed (Ricinus communis) were determined. Objectives These properties are necessary in the design of equipment for harvesting, processing, and transportation, separating and packing. Results The results showed that the mean values of length, width, thickness, arithmetic mean diameter, geometric mean diameter, mass, volume, projected areas perpendicular to the main diameters and sphericity of Castor seed are 13.52 mm, 13.39 mm, 13.38 mm, 13.43 mm,13.42 mm, 1.29 g, 0.17 cm3, 143.8 mm2, 117.5 mm2, 143.1 mm2, and 99.41%,
respectively. Conclusions The average values of Young modulus, maximum force for initial fracture and required energy at yield point for Castor seed were 0.44 GPa,
198.11 N, and 382.08, respectively.

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