Mass modeling of caper (Capparis spinosa) with some engineering properties

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Ali Nejat Lorestani
Farzad Jaliliantabar
Rashid Gholami


caper, mass, modeling, physical characteristics


Introduction Horticultural crops used as food with a similar weight and uniform shape are in high demand in terms of marketing value. Objectives Therefore, an awareness of methods for grading fruits and vegetables based on weight is crucial. A part of this research was aimed at presenting some physical properties of caper. Methods In addition, in this study, the mass of caper was predicted using different physical characteristics in four models that include linear, quadratic, S-curve and power. Results According to the results, all properties considered in the current study were found to be statistically significant at the 1% probability level for the best and the worst models for prediction; the mass of caper was based on volume and second projected area of the caper with determination coefficients of 0.984 and 0.323, respectively. Conclusion Mass model based on first projected area from an economical standpoint is recommended.

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