Research Article

Development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid screening of fungal contamination in pepper and paprika powder

W.W. Zhang, Y. Jin, Z.M. Ye, S.Y. Wang, M. Solfrizzo, X. Xu, X.F. Pei
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Page 97-102

Food insecurity and its related socioeconomic and nutritional factors: evidence from a sample of population in the northwest of Iran

M. Abbasalizad Farhangi, B. Alipour, K. Rezazadeh, A. Ghaffary, F. Eidi, A. SaberGharamaleki, S. Salekzamani
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Page 109-113

Chemical characterisation and microbiological quality of naturally fermenting soy milk

O.J. Akinola, A.O. Obadina, T.A. Shittu, H.A. Bakare, I.O. Olotu
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Page 115-121

Mycoflora of fresh chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) and ochratoxin-producing ability of Penicillium isolates

R. Genchev, G. Angelova, I. Laskova, V. Gotcheva, A. Angelov
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Page 123-131

Phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties of bulb extracts of Lilium leucanthum (Baker) Baker native to China

L. Jin, Y.-L. Zhang, Z.-X. Liang, X.-X. Zhang, G.-C. Si, L.-X. Niu
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Page 141-151

A comparison of proteinase K and PEG8000 on the recovery of calicivirus and norovirus in artificially contaminated food

S. Tibollo, R. Zoni, E. Mariani, R. Zanelli, M.E. Colucci, G.E. Sansebastiano
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Page 153-158

Development of multi-grain capacitive sensor for determination of moisture content in grains

R. Thakur, S. Chatterji, A. Kumar, B.S. Bansod
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Page 201-206

Black cumin-fortified flat bread: formulation, processing, and quality

M.A. Osman, M.S. Alamri, A.A. Mohamed, S. Hussain, M.A. Gassem, I.E. Abdel Rahman
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Page 233-238

Review Article

General guideline for applying Islamic dietary requirement in HACCP programme

Kohilavani, W. Zzaman, N.F.M. Idrus, W.N. Wan Abdullah, T.A. Yang
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Page 159-164