Research Article

Physicochemical properties of Moringa peregrina seed and its oil

S.M.T. Gharibzahedi, I. Ansarifard, Y. Sadeghi Hasanabadi, M. Ghahderijani, R. Yousefi
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Page 303-309

Types of food control and application of seven basic quality tools in certified food companies in Serbia

I. Djekic, I. Tomasevic, N. Zivkovic, R. Radovanovic
Abstract 141 | PDF Downloads 133 | DOI

Page 325-332

Functional flaxseed in baking

S. Hussain, F.M. Anjum, M.S. Alamri, A.A. Mohamed, M. Nadeem
Abstract 47 | PDF Downloads 48 | DOI

Page 375-385