Roland E. Poms
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Metabolic fingerprinting of royal jelly: characterization and proof of authenticity

Patricia V. Abdelnur, Suzy Abe, Ildenize B.S. Cunha, Juliana A. Lima-Pallone, Helena T. Godoy, Marcos N. Eberlin, Rodrigo R. Catharino
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A method for determination of emission rates from SO2 sheets for storage of grapes

Tatiana Kaplunov, Yochanan Zutahy, Susan Lurie, Amnon Lichter
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Studies on electrical properties of wheat as a function of moisture content

Ritula Thakur, Shantanu Chatterji, Amod Kumar, Babankumar S. Bansod
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A novel magnetic capture–multiplex PCR assay for the simultaneous detection of three foodborne pathogens

Haojiang Zuo, Zhimei Xie, Xiaobei Ding, Weiwei Zhang, Jingyan Yang, Xuejun Fan, Roland Poms, Xiaofang Pei
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