Improvement of physical, physicochemical, and rheological characteristics of sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps) damaged wheat by blending

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H. Dizlek
M.S. Özer


blending, bread wheat, optimum blending ratio, sunn pest, wheat quality


This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of blending to improve the physical, physicochemical, and rheological characteristics of high level sunn pest damaged wheat (HLSPDW). HLSPDW (20.6%) variety (Sagittario) was blended at seven different levels with the sound wheat (SW) of same variety. When HLSPDW was blended with SW, the harm of sunn pest was relatively reduced. With an increasing SW portion in the blend, also physical, physicochemical, and rheological characteristics of wheat increased. The HLSPDW used in blending was found more decisive than SW in determination of the wheat, flour, and dough quality. Therefore, one has to be very careful about the ratio of HLSPDW mass used in the blending process. Otherwise, an SW sample could be wasted through blending with HLSPDW. The blending treatment alone is insufficient for improving the quality of HLSPDW, however this technique can be implemented in combination with some other methods such as using additives in bread-making.

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