Research Article

Determination of flubendiamide residues and its safety evaluation for usage in cardamom by liquid chromatography

M. Deepa, S.A. Jayaprakash, M. Paramasivam, D. Eswar, C. Selvi, S. Chandrasekaran
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Page 271-275

A modified titrimetric method for measuring the activity of wheat germ lipase

B. Xu, Y.X. Liu, W.J. Miao, S.L. Zhou, C. Gao
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Page 327-334

Verifying the provenance of rice using stable isotope ratio and multi-element analyses: a feasibility study

A. Li, B. Keely, S.H. Chan, M. Baxter, G. Rees, S. Kelly
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Page 343-354

A simple PCR for detection of Aspergillus flavus in infected food

H.L.T. Trinh, D.T. Anh, P.M. Thong, N.T. Hue
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Page 375-383

Mechanical damage to wheat seeds as affected by phosphorus and iron fertilisation rate

F. Shahbazi, R. Sharafi, S. Jahangiri Moomevandi , M. Daneshvar
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Page 385-391

Influence of sugar replacement by stevioside on physicochemical and sensory properties of biscuit

M. Vatankhah, F. Garavand, A. Elhamirad, M. Yaghbani
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Page 393-400

Policy Report

Future topics of common interest for EU and Egypt in food quality, safety and traceability

D. Montet, A. El Shobaky, M.T. Barreto Crespo, L. Payrastre, H. Mansour, Y. Othman, A. Morshdy, M. El Zayat, H. Ibrahim, T. El-Arabi, A.A. Magid El-Shibiny, K. Nagy, H. Fadaly, M.A. Sorour, Y.A. Hassanien, A.R. Hassan, A.L. Abdel-Mawgood, A. Ahmed, S. Abdelghany, M. Radwan, M. Ismaiel, M. Magdy, M. Negm, A.T. Mossa, T. Heikal, A.M. Abd EL-Hamid, O. El Shahaby, A. Abdu, A. Mowafy, G. Sabaa, S. Mohamed
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Page 401-408

Book Review

EU Food Law Handbook

H.P. van Egmond
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Page 409-411