Research Article

Physical and aerodynamic properties of paddy and white rice as a function of moisture content

M. Gharekhani, M. Kashaninejad, A. Daraei Garmakhany, A. Ranjbari
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Page 187-197

Gluten residues in gluten-free foods sold in Christchurch, New Zealand: comparison of LC-MS and ELISA methods

P. Cressey, P. Grounds, S. Jones, E. Ashmore, D. Saunders
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Page 207-213

Occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in organic dairy products

H. Tosun, T. Ayyıldız
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Page 215-219

Aflatoxin contamination in tahini

E. Torlak, İ.M. Akan
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Page 221-225

The influence of soil type on maize and wheat uranium uptake

M. Stojanović, M. Mihajlović, Z. Lopičić, J. Milojković, T. Šoštarić, M. Petrović
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Page 237-242

Organochlorine pollutants in fish from the Bulgarian region of the Black Sea

M.D. Stancheva, S.K. Georgieva, L.E. Makedonski
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Page 243-251

Development of freezing-point regulators for cultured large yellow croaker

Y. Hu, J.-D. He, P. Wang, D.-M. Wu, S. Du, H.-Y. Luo
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Page 273-283